7.5. - 29.5.2021

Visions of Media Art IX

In the exhibition series Visions of Media Art contemporary artists are invited to react, reflect and be inspired by visionary ideas and attitudes of programmatic artists. This year’s leading figure: the artist, experimental film maker and para-ethnographic documentarist Ulrike Ottinger. Her multidisciplinary work is visionary for poetic que(e)r thinking. The three curated positions to start a dialogue with her work: Thomas Hörl, Peter Kozek, Evelyn Loschy and Alexander Martinz. What they have in common is that they include “charged” images, installations, objects and (sound) appearances to produce ambiguous and uncanny actions.

7. 5. 2021 2 – 6 pm  First day of Exhibition: the artists are present
8.5. – 29. 5. 2021 exhibition : Medienwerkstatt Wien, Neubaugasse 40a, 1070 Wien
Mo / Fr / Sa 2 – 6 pm   http://www.medienwerkstatt-wien.at/

22.5. - 13.6.2021


Escapism in sleep, in forgetting and in memory loss. Even babies react to stressful situations (e.g. noise) by falling asleep spontaneously. Covid19 results in great fatigue. People who are actually ill sometimes suffer from severe fatigue syndromes for months afterwards. But society as a whole is - as in all longer crisis situations - confronted with listlessness, tiredness, need for sleep, and depression. In sleep you literally close your eyes to reality. In the arms of Morpheusone is swayed into oblivion. Sleep presses the pause button. Active perception stops for a while. Other worlds of experience rise from the subconscious and take over the sensations.

22.5.2021 2 - 8 pm, soft opening and performance with Anne Glassner

23.5. - 13.6.2021, Schloss Wolkersdorf, gallery 2, saturday, sunday, holiday 2 - 6 pm

24.7. - 7.8.2021

Weinviertler Fotowochen 2021

“Everything that comes together falls apart."

The quote from the novel Looking for Alaska, borrowed from John Green, stands for the relentless realization that everything is fugacious at some point. Last but not least, the Covid19 crisis made it clear to us how quickly and uncontrollably such a collapse can occur.

Workshop with Reni Hofmüller 24.7. - 31.7.2021, Workshop with Ezgi Erol (31.7. - 7.8.2021)

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