Programm 2021

Workshop mit Reni Hofmüller

TO CONNECT AND LET GO. WaterVeinNetwork, flowingintooneanother

Workshop|Weinviertler Fotowochen | 31. 07. 2021 - 07. 08. 2021

Water molecules form volatile bonds with one another, they let go and reconnect and let go again ... And so water can be of a huge dimension—a river, a lake, a sea; but also tiny—a drop, a particle of a cell. It can be peaceful and calm, or wild, stormy and destructive. In any case, water sounds different, depending on how much of it is moving at the same time, and on which soil it is traveling.

We take a sonic journey through the water world of Wolkerdorf—from tributaries and drains, sewer and drainage systems, drinking water and wastewater treatment plants to the consumption of tap and bottled water, from the microscopic section of a rain puddle to the gurgle of the Rußbach down into the shallows of the castle pond and up into the air where all water is absorbed and then released again by the sun. To connect and let go.

Equipped with different recording devices and microphones, the workshop participants explore the surroundings and collect recordings of these waterworlds. A common, interwoven work will be acoustically and visually created.

The workshop consists of several parts: 1) Awareness of listening: what is sound, what is noise, what is music? 2) Exchange on artistic concepts: what iscomposition? What is a sound installation? 3) Exchange of technical concepts: translation of sonic events into other media. 4) Introduction to basic soundediting (if desired).

Requirements: none. Bring with you: if possible, recording device and microphones; sound processing computers; bicycle; waterproof clothing. The workshop takes place in all weather conditions and especially outdoors.

fee: 280.-

Register until: 12.7.2021